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     Professional manufacturer of quartz crystal, crystal resonator, crystal oscillator and filter.
Model: SMD 2012 tuning fork crystal units, Norminal frequency: 32.768kHz, Frequency tolerance: +/-20ppm, Load capacitance: 12.5pF, Size: 2.0*1.2*0.6mm.
Model: SMD 1610 tuning fork crystal units, Frequency: 32.768kHz, frequency tolerance: +/-20ppm, load capacitance: 12.5pF, Size: 1.6*1.2*0.5mm
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SJK was founded in 1989, is a professional manufacture of quartz crystal, oscillator, filter, resonator, SAW device etc. Products are widely applied in the field of computer, communication, GPS, bluetooth etc. With the experienced engineers team, we can provide the total solution, especially for the frequency control components for communication field.
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