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Media report
Eleventh China International Hi-Tech Fair--SJK QUARTZ CRYSTAL SHOW
Publisher:admin   Release time:2009-7-21   Read the number of:

China¡¯s Dominating Tradeshow of ¡°Electronic Components ,
Materials & Assembly¡±

Dear friends and partners
        Welcome to take part in Eleventh China International Hi-Tech Fair.
        Booth information:
             Company       Name:  Shenzhen Crystal Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.
             Booth         number:  2N18
             Exhibition Products:  quartz crystal, ceramic resonator,
                                              quartz crystal filters, ceramic filters,
                                              crystal oscillator, SAW resonators, SAW filters, etc.
       We are welcome to all  friends and partners to join our series of products
exhibitions, we will strive to serve you.
       Finally, I wish all our friends and partners exhibitors happy, thank you.

About ELEXCON2009

China Hi£­Tech Fair Elexcon £¨hereafter called as ELEXCON£©is one of the most important part of China Hi£­Tech Fair. After Five-year development, ELEXCON is considered to be China¡¯s Dominating Tradeshow of ¡°Electronic Components , Materials & Assembly¡±.

The exhibited electronic products cover electronic components, passive component, electronic material, manufacturing device and test certification service in ELEXCON2009. This year, the latest technology and application in the consumption electronic and IT manufacturing, mobile design and manufacturing, motor electronics and industrial electronic area are exhibited.

Several high-end seminars including MCU!MCU!2009/ The 6th China Mobile Phone Manufacturing Technology Forum ( CMMF2009) / 2009 International Passive Components Technology & Market Development Forum 2009 (PCF2009)/  Mobile Key Components 2009 (CMKC 2009) will be held.


                                                     Shenzhen Crystal Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.



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