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Crystal Filters

CF series, 2 Pole 7050 SMD Monolithic Crystal Filters

CF series, 2 Pole 7050 SMD Monolithic Crystal Filters
60MHz to 130MHz

Model: 7050 SMD monolithic crystal filters. Item: CF series. Frequency range: 16MHz to 130MHz. Pole: 2 poles. Overtone Order: 3rd Overtone. Size: 7.0*.5.0*1.3 mm. Features: 1. 7.0*5.0*1.3mm size and lightweight SMD crystal filter. 2. Support a wide frequency range from 60MHz to 130MHz. 3. 3rd overtone solution, 2 pole SMD crystal filters. 4. Excellent heat and shock resistance. 5. Good guaranteed attenuation. 6. Automotic mouning and reflow soldering. 7. RoHS Compliant / Pb-Free. 8. Applications: Radio communications, Fixed comunications, Wireless communications, Mobile communications and more.

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