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7T series, SMD 3225 TCXO (VCTCXO) Oscillators

7T series, SMD 3225 TCXO (VCTCXO) Oscillators

<P>Model: SMD&nbsp;3225 TCXO (VCTCXO Oscillators).&nbsp; Item: 7T series.&nbsp; Frequency range: 13MHz~52MHz.&nbsp; Output type: CMOS.&nbsp; Supply voltage: 1.8V~3.3V.&nbsp; Frequency stability(Temperature): +/-0.5ppm.&nbsp;&nbsp; Frequency stability(Load): +/-0.2ppm Max..&nbsp; Frequency stability(Supply voltage): +/-0.2ppm Max..&nbsp; Frequency tolerance: +/-2.5ppm Max..&nbsp; Supply current: 2.0mA Max..&nbsp; Start-up time: 5ms Max.&nbsp; Phase noise at 1kHz offset: -130dBc/Hz.&nbsp; Harmonics: -5dBc Max.&nbsp; AFC range: +/-7~+/-16ppm(1.4V+/-1V)&nbsp;&nbsp; Size: 3.2*2.5*1.0mm.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Features:&nbsp; 1. Temperature stability: +/-0.5ppm~+/-2.0ppm.&nbsp;&nbsp; 2. Supply voltage: 1.8V~3.3V.&nbsp;&nbsp; 3. 3225size, 1.0mm high ultra miniature and lightweight SMD (VC-)TCXO.&nbsp; 4. Low phase noise.&nbsp; 5.&nbsp;Single packaged structure.&nbsp;&nbsp; 6. Voltage control function available.&nbsp; 7. Automatic mounting and reflow soldering.&nbsp; 8. RoHS Compliant/Pb Free.&nbsp; 9. Application of GPS, WiMAX, Cellular, Wireless communicaitons, Mobile phones, Industrial radio communications, Wireless radio communications, Bluetooth, IOT, and more.</P>

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