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Picture Type Frequency range PDF  
OCXO 10MHz, 12.8MHz, 13MHz, 19.44MHz, 20.48MHz, 26MHz, 100MHz  
Quartz Crystal SERIES 6A , HC-49/U 1.843MHz to 150.000MHz  
Quartz crystal 6I series, Glass SMD 5032 quartz crystal 10MHz to 48MHz  
6H series SMD crystal, Glass SMD 8045 crystal 8MHz to 80MHz  
7V series SMD crystal, Glass SMD 3225 crystal 12MHz to 48MHz  
Quartz Crystal SERIES 6B , HC-49/S 3.000MHz to 100.000MHz  
Quartz Crystal SERIES 6C , HC-49/SMD 3.000MHz to 100.000MHz  
SMD 7050 crystal 1. Model: SMD 7050 crystal 2. Frequency range: 6MHz to 110MHz 3. Leadless type. 4. Ultra-thin, thickness 1.0mm 5. Size(mm): 5×7  
SMD 3225 TCXO Oscillator 10MHz to 40MHz  
SMD 6035 crystal 1. Model: SMD 6035 crystal 2. Frequency range: 8MHz to 80MHz 3. Frequency stability: ±30 ppm 4. Package: SMD seam sealing crystals 5. Leadless type  
58 ¼  ҳΣ1/6  ÿҳ 10 9 7 [1] [2] [3] [4]  8 :    ת  ҳ


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